Izzie’s is offering a special summer edition of Olive at L’Amitie Market! It comes with 2 summery make-ups (on skin), blonde, light, ginger and dark brows (on skin), cleavage (on skin), freckles and moles (0n tattoo layers), eyebrow shape and appliers for Slink’s Avatar Enhancement hands and feet and Slink Physique.

Olive Skin (for L'Amitie)

eyes: IKON – Ardent eyes
hair: INK – BPPYO

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Izzie’s is offering 3 summerly colored Button Earrings at TDR Fusion in safari, nautical and tropical style. Permissions are mod/copy.

TDRF (Button Earrings)


skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin porcelain using included eyebrow tinter
hair: Truth – Ainsley
eyes: IKON- Ardent Eyes platinum
ears: The Skinnery- Puki

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Izzie’s is offering a set of non-rigged mesh Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses at TLC’s The Boutique! The glasses are available separately and as full set and you can also try a free Demo at the event.

Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses (TLC's The Boutique)


skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin
hair: Dura – Girl 54

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Olive Skin

Izzie’s released a new skin today! Olive is available in 10 skin tones: porcelain, fair, pale, rosy, natural, peach, sunkissed, medium, tanned and dark tan with natural make-up.

Olive Skin (out now!)

Olive Skin

Each skin tone includes:

  • skin with dark brows
  • skin with light brows
  • skin with blonde brows
  • skin with ginger brows
  • skin with dark brows + cleavage
  • skin with light brows + cleavage
  • skin with blonde brows + cleavage
  • skin with ginger brows + cleavage
  • freckles on tattoo layers (face only + body & face)
  • 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers
  • 12 eyeshadows on tattoo layers
  • 1 mod/copy body shape
  • 1 eyeliner on tattoo layers
  • 1 eyebrow tinter on tattoo layer
  • 1 eyelash remover
  • 1 moles on tattoo layer

Olive Make-Up options (included):


hair: Exile – West Coast
eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes
bikini: Erratic – Sophia Bikini

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Izzie’s released skin appliers with cleavage for Slink Physique mesh body in 14 skintones (see description on the pic) ! The mesh body is NOT included, you can purchase it here.

Slink Physique "Cleavage" Skin Appliers

(click to see the pic uncensored)

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Izzie’s is offering Body Waterdrops at TDR Fusion including Body and face waterdrops on tattoo layer, an applier for Slink Physique and waterdrop prim attachments for various body parts.

TDRF (Body Waterdrops)

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Eternity Bracelet

Izzie’s released a set of non-rigged mesh Eternity Bracelets. The set includes 9 colors , left and right hand versions are included and you can choose from 25 words by touch.

Eternity Bracelet

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