Izzie’s released a set of Dark Lip Tint Appliers for Catwa mesh heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays.

The lip tints include 12 colors and are tintable/blendable with the Catwa hud. Please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

You’ll find the set in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Dark Lip Tint (Catwa) for FLF

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Izzie’s VIP Group Gift for February is out now! You get a Heart Choker with resizer and texture change hud where you can choose from 5 colors (for VIP members only, joining fee=L$ 250). Wear the group tag and touch the pic at Izzie’s mainstore to receive the choker:

VIP Group Gift February

There’s also a Valentine’s Gift available at the mainstore and on Marketplace. You get a set of Flower Nipple Tattoo Appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza in 12 natural colors.

Valentine's Gift

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Metallic Make-Up @ TLC

Izzie’s is offering Metallic Eye Make-Up and Lipstick sets with lots of colors to choose from for Catwa and LeLutka mesh heads at the TLC “Romantically Metallic” round. It is possible to buy full sets (eye make-up and lipsticks in 1 set) or each set separately. Please try a free demo before purchasing!

Metallic Eye Make-Up (Catwa)

Metallic Lipsticks (Catwa)

Metallic Eye Make-Up (LeLutka)

Metallic Lipsticks (LeLutka)

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Cora Eyeshadows (Catwa)

Izzie’s released Cora Eyeshadows for Catwa mesh heads at Izzie’s mainstore and on Marketplace. The eyeshadows will apply to the eyeshadow and brows areas of the Catwa heads. 15 colors are included, you can tint and blend them with your Catwa hud if needed.

To make sure it will work for you, please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

Cora Eyeshadows (Catwa)

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Free Dirt Updates

Izzie’s Dirt and Mud appliers now include appliers for LeLutka Bento and Body Omega appliers (will work for Vista Bento hands) and Dirty Nails now include Omega appliers for Vista Bento hands. If you already bought the previous sets, just go to Izzie’s mainstore and get the free update (free until February 5th).

Free Updates

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Izzie’s is offering new LeLutka makeup appliers at the current Uber round: 4 lipstick sets – Sheer Lipgloss, Glamorous Lipsticks, Matte Lipsticks (naturals) and Matte Lipsticks (darks) – an eyeshadows set and an eyelashes set (for bento only).  Please try free demos before purchasing, you can try them at Uber and also at Izzie’s mainstore.

LeLutka Bento Eyelashes

LeLutka Eyeshadows

LeLutka Sheer Lipgloss

LeLutka Glamorous Lipsticks

LeLutka Matte Lipsticks (naturals)

LeLutka Matte Lipsticks (darks)

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Off-Sim Shopping

Izzie’s is offering an Initial Bracelet Gacha and an Exclusive Two Initial Charms Necklace set at The Epiphany! You can get 14 commons and 1 rare. Each common initial bracelet comes for left and right arm, with 3 metal options and you can choose from 2 letters you want to show on your bracelet charm (see gacha key). Additionally you can combine them with metal cuffs, which are also a common item to get. The rare bracelet has 2 charms and you can choose from all letters, and also from 3 metal colors.

What i love about this event is that you have the possibility to redeem your unwanted gacha items for points to purchase exclusive items that will never be sold again. Commons are 1 point each and rares 3 points, 1 Epiphany Exclusive item costs 25 points. When you rez or wear the boxed item, you get asked if you want to turn in prize for points or if you want to keep the item – if you choose “keep” the item can no longer be exchanged for Epiphany Points, if you choose “turn in” your item will disappear and you get points to purchase exclusive items. And of course your gacha items can be gifted to friends as well. The exclusive item can be found at The Epiphany next to the gacha machine and at Izzie’s mainstore.

Initial Bracelet Gacha (soon @ The Epiphany)

Epiphany Exclusive

Visit The Epiphany

Epiphany Off-Sim Shopping