Izzie’s is offering a new skin, Shay, in fair, pale, natural and caramel skintones, extra eyeshadows, lipstick and colorful eybrows on tattoo layers at the current “Street Style” Uber round, that started today. Each skintone includes blonde, ginger, brown and dark brows, cleavage, body shape, eyebrow shape and eyelash remover. Appliers for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya are also available at Uber.

Shay Skin (for Uber)

Shay Skin Make-Up (for Uber)


hair: Magika- The Wish
eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes

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Izzie’s is offering a Miami Sunglasses set in 3 colors at TDR Fusion. Each color comes in 3 different lense styles.
TDRF (Miami Sunglasses)

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Izzie’s is offering a Wooden Button Jewelry set in 10 colors at Wayward Carnival. Included are bracelets and rings for left and right hand.
Wooden Button Jewelry

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Izzie’s is offering a Summer Memories Necklace at Mesh Avenue. The theme is “Summer Travel”. You can choose from gold, copper and silver necklaces. Each color includes short and long necklace versions with each 1 or 2 chains. A full set is also available.

Summer Memories Necklace (for Mesh Avenue)

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Izzie’s is offering an Eternity Choker Gacha at Oh My Gacha (or OMG). There are 12 colors available – no rares. Each color comes with silver, vintage and copper metal options. Each play costs L$ 50 and the items are given out randomly, that means you do not know which style you’ll get and it can also happen that you play 2 times and each time you get the same color – that’s part of the game.  It can also happen that you play once and get the item you hoped for, it’s all a matter of luck. But all Gacha items are set to modify/transfer so you can trade with friends if you got an item twice.

Eternity Choker Gacha (for Oh My Gacha)

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Izzie’s is offering an Metal Feather Earrings in 5 colors (matching Izzie’s Metal Feather Necklace from current Uber round) at TDR Fusion.
TDRF (Metal Feather Earrings)

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