In the night from Friday to Saturday at midnight (August 6th at 12:01 AM SLT) will start a new round of Midnight Madness and Izzie’s is participating with 2 exclusive gifts, Smeared Lipstick Appliers for Catwa! There will be a Midnight Gift (Smeared Lipstick in red) and a Noon Gift (Smeared Lipstick in pink), with a gift limit of 1500 each. The midnight gift will be available for 12 hours, afterwards the noon gift will go active for 12 hours. If you missed the gifts, there will be 2 last chance vendors. The items will be L$ 30 each and go active August 7th at 12:01 AM SLT. The last chance items will be available for 12 hours (no limit of items to be sold).
Midnight Madness (midnight gift)

Midnight Madness (noon gift)

Those are exclusive colors that will never be sold again. I will release smeared lipsticks in other colors and more mesh heads in the future.

To prevent the sim from crashing during that time period and to provide you a better shopping experience and less lag, avatars having an ARC (Avatar Rendering Complexity) greater than 50000 will be ejected automatically after 60 seconds. Please keep that in mind before you TP to the sim, and wear as less attachments as possible. You can check your avatar complexity in Advanced Menu – Performance Tools – show avatar complexity information. If the value is higher than 50000, take items off your body (hair, jewelry, shoes, pets…) until your complexity is lower than 50000 to make sure you won’t get ejected. This only counts for the Midnight Madness weekend.

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Izzie’s is offering Face & Body Dirt, Face & Body Dirt & Mud and Dirty Nails Appliers at the Mesh Body Addicts (MBA) Fair. The Face & Body Dirt includes system tattoo layers, appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies and Catwa mesh heads and will work for light – dark skintones. Please try a free demo before purchasing. The Dirty Nails include appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza and apply to finger- and toenails.

Face & Body Dirt & Mud (for MBA)

Face & Body Dirt (for MBA)

Dirty Nails (for MBA)

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Izzie’s released a tintable Natural Lashes Applier set for Catwa mesh heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. You can choose from 4 upper and 4 lower textures. A free demo is available. You’ll find the lashes in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign (i’ll change the item to regular price on monday):

Natural Lashes Appliers for Catwa Mesh Heads (for FLF)

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Izzie’s is offering Catwa mesh head appliers including a new skin applier for the Aisha head (will work with other heads as well, see below) in 11 skintones and extra lipsticks, lip tints and eye make-ups at the current Uber “Freestyle” round. Please try free demos before purchasing, you can try them at Uber and also at Izzie’s mainstore.

Catwa Mesh Head Applier (Aiko) (tomorrow @ Uber)

Aiko Skin on Catwa Heads

Catwa Lipstick Applier (tomorrow @ Uber)

Catwa Lip Tint Applier (tomorrow @ Uber)

Catwa Eye Make-Up Applier (tomorrow @ Uber)

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Off-Sim Shopping

Izzie’s is offering an applier skin for the LAQ Trinity mesh head at the mainstore. Aria comes in 11 skintones and each tone includes blonde, brown, ginger, dark brows and no brows option, freckles and no freckles option (on skin), 12 lipsticks and 9 eyeshadows.

LAQ Mesh Head Applier (Aria)

head: LAQ – Trinity
eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes
hair: Dela – Royce

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Izzie’s is offering a Layered Necklace Gacha, an exclusive Long Moon Necklace and a Little Flower Earrings gift at The Epiphany! Combine necklaces in different lengths and layer them as you like. You can get 20 commons – there are no rares. Each jewelry item comes with a texture change hud where you can choose from 3 metal colors and for some necklaces 12 gem colors (see gacha key).

What i love about this event is that you have the possibility to redeem your unwanted gacha items for points to purchase exclusive items that will never be sold again. Commons are 1 point each and rares 3 points, 1 Epiphany Exclusive item costs 25 points. When you rez or wear the boxed item, you get asked if you want to turn in prize for points or if you want to keep the item – if you choose “keep” the item can no longer be exchanged for Epiphany Points, if you choose “turn in” your item will disappear and you get points to purchase exclusive items. And of course your gacha items can be gifted to friends as well. The exclusive item can be found at The Epiphany next to the gacha machine and at Izzie’s mainstore.

Epiphany Preview

Layered Necklace Gacha

Epiphany Exclusive

Epiphany Gift

The Epiphany - July Map

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The Epiphany Off-Sim Cam Shopping