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The Powder Pack Catwa February Edition is released and pre-orders are closed! You’ll get a set of eyebrows, eyeshadows and natural lips from Izzie’s and many other makeup and skin appliers sets from 11 other brands (see pic below).

Powder Pack Catwa February Edition

Powder Pack Catwa February Edition

If you missed to pre-order, you can still get all make-up and skin sets from the 12 participating designers here:



Visit Powder Pack website

Powder Pack FAQ

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Izzie’s released Lashes and Eyeshadows appliers for LAQ heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. The eyeshadows are Omega appliers and may work with other Omega compatible mesh heads too. Lashes and eyeshadows has been made for LAQ Lulu but will also work with other LAQ heads. To make sure they will work for your head please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

You’ll find the sets in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

LAQ Lashes Appliers (for FLF)

Gracie Eyeshadows LAQ/Omega (for FLF)

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

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Izzie’s VIP Group Gift for February is out now! You get a pink edition of Izzie’s Glitter Freckles in 5 shades for Catwa, LeLutka Bento, LAQ, Omega and system tattoo layers (for VIP members only, joining fee=L$ 250). Wear the group tag and touch the pic at Izzie’s mainstore to receive the freckles:

VIP Group Gift February

There’s also a Valentine’s Gift for everyone available at the mainstore and on Marketplace. You get a Valentine’s Make-Up Set for Catwa, LeLutka Bento, LAQ/Omega and system tattoo layers. It includes eyeshadows, eyeshadows + liner, lipgloss and cheek hearts.

Valentine's Gift

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

Visit Izzie’s Marketplace (Valentine’s Make-Up Set)

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Izzie’s is offering a One Sided Dimple set at the For Rose fundraiser event. The dimples include appliers for Catwa, LeLutka Bento, Omega and system tattoo layers. They come in 8 shades and apply either to right or left cheek. 100% of the proceeds will go towards my friend and fellow creator Rose from Olive hair ❤

One Sided Dimple (For Rose)

Visit For Rose

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Izzie’s is participating Blush, offering an Eye Blush Make-Up Set for Catwa, LeLutka and LAQ/Omega mesh heads.

The set includes under eye blush, full eye blush, eye blush & liner, eye blush & monolid in 2 shades and eye blush & monolid & liner in 2 shades. All comes in 2 colors.

Please try a free DEMO before purchasing! You’ll also find a demo at Izzie’s mainstore! 

Eye Blush Make-Up Set (soon @ Blush)

Visit Blush

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Izzie’s is offering a Sparkle Make-Up & Eyes Gacha and an Exclusive Sparkle Liners set at The Epiphany! You can get 16 commons and 1 rare.

The gacha includes: Sparkle Eyes (7 sets; change left and right eye color individually), Sparkle Eye Make-Up (4 sets + 1 rare metals set; each set includes brow sparkle only, eyeshadow only and brow + eyeshadow sparkle combined), Sparkle Lipgloss (2 sets), Sparkle Lipstick (2 sets) and Sparkle Lashes (1 set).

All gacha sets are Catwa appliers only and permissions are transfer only!

The Epiphany Exclusive Liners are Catwa appliers only and permissions are no modify/copy/no transfer. Redeem unwanted gacha prizes for points to purchase this exclusive item (will never be sold again). Commons are 1 point, Rares 3 points – you need 25 points to purchase an exclusive item (can be from any gacha at the Epiphany). When you rez the boxed item, touch it and you get asked if you want to keep the prize or turn in prize for points – if you choose “prize” the item can no longer be exchanged for Epiphany Points, if you choose “points” your item will disappear and you get points to purchase exclusive items. And of course your gacha items can be gifted to friends as well.

Epiphany Preview

Sparkle Make-Up & Eyes Gacha

Visit The Epiphany Main Sim

Visit The Epiphany Mirror Sim


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Izzie’s is offering First Snow Make-Up Sets for Catwa and LeLutka Bento  mesh heads at TLC. You get snow lashes, snow eyeshadows, snow eyeshadows + snow on cheeks, snow eyeshadows + snow on cheeks + blush and blue liptint. Please try a free demo before purchasing – there are demos at Izzie’s mainstore as well!

soon @ TLC

First Snow Make-Up Set (Catwa)

First Snow Make-Up Set (LeLutka Bento)

Visit TLC

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