Izzie’s released Red Lipstick appliers for Catwa and LeLutka heads and a set of Demon Eyes including Omega, LeLutka and Catwa appliers, mesh eyes and system eyes at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. The lipsticks come in 4 styles and 6 shades, the eyes come in 10 colors/styles and apply to left and right eye individually. Please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

You’ll find the sets in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Demon Eyes (for FLF)

Red Lipstick Set LeLutka (for FLF)

Red Lipstick Set Catwa (for FLF)

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Gloom Eyeshadows Gift

Izzie’s released a Gloom Eyeshadows Gift for Catwa, LeLutka and LOGO/Omega at the mainstore and on MP. The eyeshadows come in 5 colors and 2 styles, with larger under-eye area and regular eyeshadow version.

Gloom Eyeshadows Gift

You’ll also find Izzie’s Hurt Eyes Make-Up Gift (former Epiphany birthday gift) again at the mainstore, next to the Gloom Eyeshadows.

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Izzie’s released Front Crotch Nude Pasties to cover your lady bits when you wear lace/semi transparent lingerie or other revealing clothes eg. short skirts… and you don’t want your bits to be seen. Unlike Izzie’s – Nude Pasties (Crotch) set, this pasties set does not cover your butt, it only covers the front lady bits area.

The pasties include applier huds for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega mesh bodies – no system layers included! They come in 25 colors and will work for Izzie’s skintones (frost, fair, porcelain, pale, rosy, peach, sunkissed, caramel, tanned and dark tan) as well as skintones from other skin creators (tested for Glam Affair and Pink Fuel skins). However they won’t work for all skins on the grid, so to make sure they will work for you, please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

Front Crotch Nude Pasties

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Free Dirt Updates

Izzie’s Dirt and Mud appliers now include Omega head appliers (will work for LOGO Bento heads – will NOT work for older LOGO heads!). If you already bought the previous sets, just go to Izzie’s mainstore and get the free update (free until September 17th).

Free Dirt Update

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Izzie’s released new skin appliers and a shape for the LeLutka May Bento mesh head at Izzie’s mainstore! The shape is also available on Marketplace.

Fae comes in 8 skintones, each skintone includes blonde, light, ginger, brown, black brows and a no brows option (on skin), freckles (on skin), 6 lipsticks and 6 eyeshadows, extra freckles (nose& cheeks), moles and freckles & moles combo.

The mod/copy Shape was made for the LeLutka May Bento mesh head. It won’t work on a regular system avatar or other mesh heads!

Both the skin and shape will also work for some of the other Bento mesh heads from LeLutka.

Please try free DEMOS before purchasing!

Fae Skin (for LeLutka May Bento)

LeLutka May Bento Shape

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The Powder Pack LeLutka Septmber Edition is released and pre-orders are closed! You’ll get a set of eyebrows, eyes and lipgloss from Izzie’s and many other makeup and skin appliers sets from 11 other brands (see pic below).

Powder Pack LeLutka September Edition

Powder Pack LeLutka September Edition

If you missed to pre-order, you can still get all make-up and skin sets from the 12 participating designers here:



Visit Powder Pack website

Powder Pack FAQ

Izzie’s is offering 2 eye make-up applier sets at the current Uber round: Evening Glitter Eyeshadows and Neon Liner Eye Make-Up.

The Evening Glitter Eyeshadows come in Catwa and LeLutka versions and include 20 colors, the Neon Liner Eye Make-Up also comes in Catwa and LeLutka versions and includes 16 colors.

Please try free demos before purchasing, you can try them at Uber and also at Izzie’s mainstore.

Evening Glitter Eyeshadows (Catwa)

Evening Glitter Eyeshadows (LeLutka)

Neon Liner Eye Make-Up (Catwa)

Neon Liner Eye Make-Up (LeLutka)

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