Izzie’s released a Freckles & Moles Mesh Layer & Hud for all heads at Izzie’s mainstore and on Marketplace. Included is 1 non-rigged mesh layer that attaches to the nose and cheeks area of your head (modify/copy) and a texture change Hud (10 freckles and moles styles).

The mesh layer is meant to use with mesh heads that don’t offer the possibility to apply make-up on cheeks and nose or there is already make-up applied to the cheeks layer of your head (freckles, blush, moles, scars…) and you don’t want it to get replaced by moles/freckles appliers. For classic/system avatars this is a way to get better texture results (system layer tattoo textures often get blurry and distorted, while on mesh objects textures are more clear).
Since there are many heads and all have different sizes and shapes and since I am not the creator of any of these heads it is not possible to make a 100% perfect fitting layer for all, but the layer is modify so you can adjust it to your head and shape.

To make sure it will work for you, please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

Freckles & Moles Mesh Layer & Hud

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Snow Covered Fence

Izzie’s released a 100% mesh Snow Covered Fence at the mainstore (near landing point where the 2 little sheds are) and on Marketplace. The set includes grey, natural and dark fence colors, each piece has a land impact of 1 and permissions are modify/copy. If you want to see how it looks rezzed inworld, I placed a sample at Izzie’s mainstore near the landing point.

Snow Covered Fence

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Izzie’s VIP Group Gift for December is out now! You get 2 gifts this time to make up for missing VIP gifts in October & November ;D. Included is a snow covered version of Izzie’s Winter Scarf and wintery Good Old Glasses. Both come with texture change hud with 7 colors to choose from (for VIP members only, joining fee=L$ 250). Wear the group tag and touch the pic at Izzie’s mainstore to receive the scarf and glasses:

VIP Group Gift December

hair: Truth – Sugar (VIP gift)
jacket: Azuchi – Rider Jacket (@ The Arcade)
face snow: Izzie’s – Face Snow (@ Tannenbaum)

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Izzie’s is offering a new Catwa applier skin (Cora), a Catwa Catya Bento Shape, Dark Matte Lipsticks, Black Shiny Liners and Sheer Lipgloss at the current Uber round. The skin comes in 8 skintones and includes 6 eyebrow options (on skin), freckles option (on skin), 6 lipsticks, 10 eyeshadows, contour, blush and moles. The Catwa Catya Bento Shape was made for the Catwa Catya bento mesh head and it won’t work on a regular system avatar! The addition make-ups were made for the Catwa Catya mesh head using Izzie’s Cora skin but they will also work for other Catwa heads. Please try free demos before purchasing, you can try them at Uber and also at Izzie’s mainstore.

Cora Skin for Catwa (at Uber)

Catwa Catya Bento Shape (at Uber)

Cora Dark Matte Lipsticks (at Uber)

Cora Black Shiny Liners (at Uber)

Cora Sheer Lipgloss (at Uber)

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Off-Sim Shopping

Izzie’s is offering Face Snow and Sick Face make-up at the Tannenbaum Holiday Market. Both sets include appliers for Catwa, LAQ/Omega, LOGO/Omega, LeLutka and system tattoo layers for classic avatars.

The Face Snow includes snow lashes appliers for Catwa and regular snow mesh lashes. A snow mesh layer covering your cheeks and nose to be used with LAQ and LeLutka heads (but can be worn with any other head as well). The snow comes in different styles with and without blush versions and dry lips in different shades.

The Sick Face includes sore nose, runny nose, dry lips in different shades, eye redness, herpes and very sick face make-up in different shades witch and without blush and frown lines. LAQ and LeLutka appliers have less options and come without sore/runny nose!

You’ll find a more detailed description of what’s included for each head in the info NC when you try the demos. Please try free demos before purchasing to make sure they work for you!

Tannenbaum Preview

Face Snow (for Tannenbaum)

Sick Face (for Tannenbaum)

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Izzie’s is participating the Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale running November 25th – 27th! You get 50% discount on selected skins at Izzie’s mainstore: Brooke (Catwa), Anne (LOGO) and Anya system skin  – this includes all skintones and full packs.
This sale is for “Skin Addiction” group members only! You’ll find a group joiner and info kiosk at the skins area. Wear the group tag and pay the vendors – you first pay the full price but 50% will get refunded to you right after!

Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale

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