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Izzie’s released a set of Eyeliner Appliers and a Dimples set for LeLutka Bento heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays.

The Eyeliners include 11 styles of black liners made for the LeLutka Simone Bento head – they might also work with other LeLutka heads, please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

The Dimples come in 8 different shades and will ONLY work with the new LeLutka Bento heads, older heads don’t have a full face makeup layer, so the dimples won’t apply. It is possible to tint them or make them less visible using the hud that comes with the LeLutka head. Please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

You’ll find both sets in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Eyeliner Appliers (LeLutka Bento) for FLF

Dimples Appliers (LeLutka Bento) for FLF

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

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Izzie’s released 2 sets of Nordic Leggings at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. They come in 8 pastel colors each and include system tattoo layers, appliers for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

You’ll find both sets in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Nordic Leggings (for FLF)

Nordic Leggings V2 (for FLF)

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

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There are 2 Christmas Gifts available at Izzie’s! I made a silver edition of Izzie’s Glitter Freckles and included a mesh layer too – this is a limited time gift. Second gift is a Candy Cane Eye Make-Up set. You’ll find both gifts under the christmas tree at the entrance of Izzie’s manistore and also on Marketplace.

Happy Holidays ❤

Silver Glitter Freckles (Christmas Gift)

Candy Cane Eye Make-Up (Christmas Gift)

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

Visit Izzie’s Marketplace (Candy Cane Eye Make-Up)

Visit Izzie’s Marketplace (Silver Glitter Freckles)

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Izzie’s finally updated the Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers! The old version, as well as the older hands and feet appliers, are still available at the mainstore at the discount area (in case you need them in skintones that are no longer supported).

What’s new with the update:
– smoother skin texture (no more stripes)
– seam fixes
– cleavage fix
– pubic area fix
– all skintones and cleavage versions on one hud
– there’s a free demo available
– hands and feet texture adjusted to work perfectly with Izzie’s Maitreya and Belleza mesh body appliers (no more clicking extra Slink buttons on Izzie’s Maitreya and Belleza applier huds!)

This Update is FREE at the mainstore until December 18 (if you miss it and bought the Slink appliers before, you don’t need to repurchase  – you’ll find more infos in the NC when you get the free demo).

Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers V2

Vista recently released mesh hands for Bento, that use the Omega system only, so in order for my customers to be able to wear the Vista hands with Izzie’s skins, I made Omega appliers for the Vista Bento hands and then decided to just offer body and feet appliers as well. Additionally I decided to also add Omega body freckles appliers. To prevent disappointment that the Omega Body appliers won’t work with your mesh body – please try a demo before purchasing!
These Omega mesh body appliers will technically work for all Omega compatible mesh bodies, BUT there might be seams and the toes/fingers and nipples might look weird, depending on the body you are wearing, so it is REALLY IMPORTANT to TRY A FREE DEMO before purchasing.

Omega Mesh Body Appliers

Body Freckles II (Omega Appliers)

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore


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Izzie’s is offering Dry Skin Patches make-up in 4 shades including appliers for Catwa, LAQ, LOGO, LeLutka mesh heads and system tattoo layers for the TLC “Winter Solstice” round. A dry skin mesh layer (cheeks/nose) for LAQ and LeLutka heads is included as well. Please try a free demo before purchasing!

Dry Skin Patches (@ TLC)

Visit TLC

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