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Izzie’s is offering a 25 colors set of Arm Warmers and Toeless Socks at TLC, the theme of this round is Simplicity. System tattoo layers and applier huds for Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara and Belleza V3 are included.

Arm Warmers & Toeless Socks (for TLC)

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Izzie’s is offering a new skin applier (Zoe) and additional make-up appliers for Catwa at the current Uber “Freestyle” round. The appliers will work on all Catwa heads, on the vendors you see them on the Annie head. The skin applier comes in 12 skintones and each tone includes blonde, light, ginger, dark brows and no brows option, freckles, 10 lipsticks and 10 eyeshadows.

There’s also an Eyeliner applier set and a Matte Lipstick applier set for Catwa available (for all skintones). Please try a free demo before purchasing! Mesh body appliers you will also find at Uber.

Catwa Applier (Zoe)

Catwa Applier Eyeliner

Catwa Applier Matte Lipstick


head: Catwa – Annie
eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes
hair: Oleander – Stefanie
ears: Mandala – Steking Ears

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Izzie’s released Glitter Tights and Panda Tights at Izzie’s mainstore. The Glitter Tights come in 24 colors, the Panda Tights in 17 colors and both sets include system layers, applier Huds for Slink Physique, Belleza V3 and Maitreya Lara.

Glitter Tights

Panda Tights

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Izzie’s is offering a Trophy Gacha and an exclusive Modest Bragger Trophy Prop at The Epiphany! You can get 20 commons – there are no rares, permissions are modify/transfer. Each trophy comes in silver and gold versions, 3 hold poses and decor versions.

What i love about this event is that you have the possibility to redeem your unwanted gacha items for points to purchase exclusive items that will never be sold again. Commons are 1 point each and rares 3 points, 1 Epiphany Exclusive item costs 25 points. When you rez or wear the boxed item, you get asked if you want to turn in prize for points or if you want to keep the item – if you choose “keep” the item can no longer be exchanged for Epiphany Points, if you choose “turn in” your item will disappear and you get points to purchase exclusive items. And of course your gacha items can be gifted to friends as well.

Trophy Gacha (The Epiphany)

Epiphany Exclusive

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Izzie’s released a Basic Tank in 26 colors, perfect for wearing under an open mesh jacket or as it is. The tank comes on system layers and include appliers for Slink Physique, Belleza V3 and Maitreya Lara. You can purchase the tops for each applier separately or buy the whole set.
Basic Tank

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