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Izzie’s is offering Spring Midi Rings at the current Uber “Country Spring” round. You can choose from 3 colors, silver, gold and copper and a full pack is available as well. The rings are non-riggd mesh and can be edited separately if needed. They work for Maitreya hands and Slink casual, elegant, elegant 1 and relaxed hands for hand sizes 10 and 20.

Spring Midi Rings (soon @ Uber)

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Izzie’s is offering a Porch Decor Gacha and an exclusive Umbrella Stand at The Epiphany! You can get 20 commons – there are no rares, permissions are modify/transfer. Each decor item comes in multiple colors (see gacha key).

What i love about this event is that you have the possibility to redeem your unwanted gacha items for points to purchase exclusive items that will never be sold again. Commons are 1 point each and rares 3 points, 1 Epiphany Exclusive item costs 25 points. When you rez or wear the boxed item, you get asked if you want to turn in prize for points or if you want to keep the item – if you choose “keep” the item can no longer be exchanged for Epiphany Points, if you choose “turn in” your item will disappear and you get points to purchase exclusive items. And of course your gacha items can be gifted to friends as well. The exclusive item can be found at The Epiphany next to the gacha machine and at Izzie’s mainstore.

Porch Decor Gacha (coming soon to The Epiphany)

Porch Decor Gacha (coming soon to The Epiphany)

Umbrella Stand Exclusive (coming soon to The Epiphany)

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The Epiphany Off-Sim Cam Shopping

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Izzie’s released a special Noble Lipsticks edition for LeLutka Heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. You get 12 colors  – please try a free demo before purchasing to make sure the lipstick works for your head and skintone. You’ll find them in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Noble Lipstick for LeLutka Heads (for FLF)

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Izzie’s is offering a Petal Eye Make-Up set including petal mesh lashes and glittery tattoo eyeshadows at the TLC “Bloom” round. The lashes are modify/copy and texture change via hud – choose from 23 colors. 17 matching eyeshadow colors on tattoo layers are included as well, on the lashes hud you will see which eyeshadow color works with the eyelash colors. The lashes won’t work for everyone, please try a free demo before purchasing.

Petal Eye Make-Up

Petal Eye Make-Up (coming soon)

hair: Truth – Polilla
hair flowers: LODE – Head Accessory Violets pink
eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes
skin: Izzie’s – Willis Skin

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Izzie’s released Closed Eyes appliers for LeLutka (regular store release) and a new set of Lipstick appliers for LeLutka mesh heads at Izzie’s mainstore for the MIX Event.

The Noble Lipstick appliers include 5 huds/ 20 lipsticks each – for light – dark skintones, which makes it a total of 100 lipsticks. The lipsticks were made for the Simone head but will work with other LeLutka heads as well, please try a free demo before purchasing!

You’ll find it at Izzie’s event section near the entrance of the store near the Mix Event sign:

Noble Lipstick for LeLutka Mesh Heads (Mix Event)

The Closed Eyes appliers were made to hide eyeliners, painted-on lashes and other imperfections when you close your LeLutka eyes. They come in 15 shades and will work for a variety of skintones. They can also be used on open LeLutka eyes to give your face a natural and different look. To make sure they work for your head and skin, please try a demo before purchasing! Available at the mainstore and on Marketplace.

Closed Eyes for LeLutka Mesh Heads

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

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