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Izzie’s Mesh Head poll is closed now. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to answer my questions! I loved to read everyone’s feedback and comments as well! The reason for this poll was to to get an idea about the popularity of mesh heads at the moment and about your preferred way to apply skins/makeup and eyes.

Here are the results:

I asked which mesh heads people are currently using the most, which mesh head should get more support and I asked if the skin people are wearing the most is a BOM or applier skin.

From 951 respondents 76,8 % are wearing a LeLutka head in Evo X mode, followed by Catwa Original heads (5,5%), Genus and LeLutka Evo Classic (each 4%), Catwa HDPRO (2,4%) and LAQ (1,9%).

57,5% would like to see more LeLutka Evo X support, which isn’t surprising given that so many are wearing those heads. 9,7% wish for more Genus support, followed by LeLutka Evo Classic (6,6%), Catwa Original (6,2%), Catwa HDPRO (5,3%), Akeruka (4,6%) and LAQ (3,8%).

95,8% are wearing a BOM skin, 3,9 % are wearing an applier skin and 0,3% have no idea which skin they are wearing.

I asked the LeLutka Evolution wearers which head feature they are using the most and from 872 respondents 88,9% are using Evo X, 7,1% Evo Classic and 4% don’t know which feature they are using.

Next I asked about the preferred way to apply eye make-up, brows, hairbases, lipstick, face cosmetics like freckles/blush/tattoos and eyes.

64,5% prefer BOM, 25,2% a mix of BOM and appliers and 10,3% prefer appliers for make-up, brows, cosmetics etc…

41,9% prefer BOM eyes, 39,6% prefer mesh head brand specific eye appliers, 12,5% mesh eyes with applier system from eye creators and only 6,1% prefer Omega appliers for eyes (which I found surprising).

What does that mean for Izzie’s?

The results definitely encourage me to keep doing things the way I do. Months ago I stopped doing appliers for items that don’t need appliers and switched to using only BOM for make-up, tattoos and other cosmetics. The results show me that the decision to stop doing appliers was the right one for me. (Of course some items like lashes, nails, eyes etc… will still be appliers or include appliers).

Even though most people prefer BOM for make-up and cosmetics in general, many people use applier lipstick or a mix of BOM and applier, so I will consider releasing some HD applier lipsticks in the future (nothing set in stone yet, but something to consider).

The way I do eyes will also stay the same. I’ll keep adding mesh head brand specific appliers, my own mesh eyes + appliers, Omega and BOM eyes.

I’ll also keep supporting the mesh heads I already support: LeLutka Evo X (and therefore heads that use the Evo X UV such as Akeruka ADVX and Toddleedoo Plus), Evo Classic, Catwa Original, Catwa HDPRO, Genus and LAQ and every now and then creating items for other mesh heads. As I mentioned above, new releases will be BOM only for items that don’t need appliers, maybe now and then HD lipstick appliers.

I will keep adding Evo X and regular BOM layers to my brand new releases, however since almost 80% are currently wearing a LeLutka head in Evo X mode, I know it will not be the end of the world if I sometimes release items for Evo X only.

Most of you know that I spent the majority of the last year doing remakes and free updates of existing items for Evo X and I plan to keep doing that. Probably not as intense anymore, because the most requested/popular items have been released now. So if you see an Evo X release at my store or on MP, it is very likely you’ll find a version for other heads as well. I mention that, because people sometimes ask me, to not forget the other heads when they see me releasing Evo X items or think that I no longer support their head. I didn’t stop supporting any head and do not plan to in the near future.

I know this was a long read, if you made it this far, you get a gold star from me ⭐ . Thanks for your attention!

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Izzie’s Black Friday poll is closed now. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to answer my questions! I loved to read everyone’s feedback. You guys are always so kind and give me great ideas, I’m grateful for that <3. The reason for this poll was to find out if my customers would want me to do a Black Friday sale this year.

Here are the results:

Will there be a Black Friday sale at Izzie’s?

Yes! There will be a week long Black Friday sale on selected items at Izzie’s mainstore this year. The selected items will be 50% off and will have a sale sign attached so they will be easy to find. Depending on how the sale goes, I’ll decide if there will be more Black Friday sales in the future.

Which of Izzie’s items will be discounted?

I asked you in the poll, which existing items from Izzie’s you’d like to see discounted (see pic with your answers above). I won’t be able to make everyone happy, but I will consider some of the most requested ones and pick items that make sense to me for the sale. I’ll pick a variety of items from different categories, so there will be something for everyone. Furthermore there will be a 50% discount on a brand new release or releases (not sure how many items yet). Excluded from the sale will be items released in the past 3 months.

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Izzie’s gacha poll is closed now – thanks so much to everyone who took the time to answer my questions! ❤ The reason for this poll was to find out what to do with my gachas going forward, since there will be no more gachas allowed by September 1st 2021 (see LL Policy Change post here).

Here are the results:

So what are Izzie’s thoughts and plans now?

After I heard about the news of gachas ending, my first thought was to retire them all, since the oldest gacha on that list is from 2014, the latest from early 2018. I never relied on gachas for my income, they were fun projects for me that give a little extra money and make people curious about my store and other items I sell. Also they were a great opportunity for me to sell fun stuff I usually wouldn’t do and to try out new things. However after a while I no longer enjoyed doing gachas (pressure and event rules, costumer complaints, always trouble with laggy machines not giving items etc…), so I stopped releasing new ones completely.

But as you may know, I often include my customers in my final decisions and didn’t want to leave you out on this one as well. I know some of my gachas are still popular and loved by many of my customers, and I often heard from people they would want them as a regular set, not gacha. So this is why I did the poll. I thought long about it and considered your suggestions as well and these are my plans for now (please don’t hit me if I decide to change my plans at a later point, if something doesn’t work out as intended):

Scars Gacha: will be converted to BOM/Omega and updated for EVO X. The eyes and scars that don’t look well on new heads/bodies will get removed or shifted around to fit better. There will be 2 full packs for fresh and aged scars and there will be free demos added.

Sparkle Make-Up Gacha: only the eyeshadows in this pack still work well on current Catwa heads, so there will be a an eyeshadow only set converted to BOM/Omega and free demos added. The eyes, lipsticks and lashes in this set are pretty dated, so they will be retired.

Lua Eyes Gacha: will be retired, since I can do better now and have similar sets available already

Cat Shelf Gacha: will be sold as full pack in copy/mod permissions

Porch Decor Gacha: will be sold as full pack in copy/mod permissions

Initial Bracelet Gacha: only the RARE will be sold in copy/mod and mod/trans permissions, the rest will be retired

Layered Necklace Gacha: will be sold as full pack in copy/mod permissions

Trophy Gacha: will be split and sold in themed packs in copy/mod and mod/trans permissions

Sticky Notes Gacha 1 and 2: will be sold as 1 big full pack in copy/mod and mod/trans permissions

Weather Necklace Gacha: will be retired

Say It With A Bracelet Gacha 1 and 2: will be retired

Eternity Choker Gacha: will be retired

Snow Willy Gacha: since this is my personal favorite, it won’t be retired. The set will be sold as full pack in copy/mod permissions and mod/trans permissions

When will you release them?

I am not sure yet, but at some point after September 1st. It depends on how long it will take me to re-pack them, take new pictures, making new BOM/Omega/Evo X versions, making demo versions, put them on MP, RL, other SL projects etc… Most work will definitely be the Scars Gacha and the Sparkle Eyeshadows, so these might take a bit longer. The full pack sets could be released soon after September 1st, since those will be less work for me. Maybe I’ll release all of them at once or one by one, I’m not sure about that yet.

What will be the price for a full pack/small pack?

A full pack will probably range between L$ 300 and L$ 500, depending on the amount of items and current market value. Smaller packs probably between L$ 100 and L$ 250, depending on the item.

Will there be a Gacha Sale?

Yes! Currently all of Izzie’s gachas are 50% off at the mainstore until end of August. Some of them will get retired for good (some items of the Sparkle Make-Up Gacha, Lua Eyes Gacha, all Initial Bracelet Gacha bracelets except the rare one, Weather Necklace Gacha, Say It With a Bracelet Gachas and Eternity Choker Gacha). The rest will become regular full pack releases or smaller packs after September 1st (see above).

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Izzie’s LeLutka Evolution female heads poll is closed now – thanks so much to everyone who took the time to answer my questions! ❤ The reason for this poll was to get an idea about the popularity of the new Evo X feature to help me decide whether to support it or not.

Here are the results:

From 558 female Evolution head wearers, 50,8% are currently using the Evo X feature most of the time. From the 49, 2% Evo Classic wearers, 19,4% plan to switch to Evo X in the future, which means 60,3% will use Evo X most of the time. If we also count those who plan to use Evo X from time to time, 71,5% of the female Evolution head wearers plan to use the Evo X feature in the future.

So what are Izzie’s plans now? Will Izzie’s support Evo X?

Short answer is: Yes!

Long answer: I asked you in that poll, which of Izzie’s items you’d like to see supported for Evo X the most (see chart below). To everyone who’s answer was “everything” or “all of your fixes” etc.: unfortunately it won’t be possible to remake everything I ever made for the new Evo X UV, I wish it was that easy. Remember when I started updating my older items for BOM in 2019… almost 2 years later there are still items left to update, even though I can reuse the textures I already created for appliers. With Evo X it is a different thing, since that feature is based on a custom UV (different from the regular BOM UV), so I would need to remake everything to fit the new UV, make brand new textures, which is a lot more time consuming and work than making BOM layers of already existing textures. It is basically making a new release from scratch for each item I have ever done. You can imagine when it takes me 2 years for BOM updates, how long it would take for Evo X updates. So “everything” is not possible sadly. However I plan to remake some of your most wanted items you named in that poll (also counting items you requested to me personally inworld). Those will be new and separate releases, not free updates, but most likely for a limited time discount. I still have to figure out the details.

Does that mean you will stop supporting Evo Classic now?

Not at all! This poll was about supporting a new head feature additionally to the heads I already support.

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Izzie’s BOM/Applier Poll is closed now – thank you so much to everyone who took the time to answer my questions, your feedback helped me decide how to move forward with my future releases! ❤

here is the link to the results: docs.google.com/document/d/1MncVYMBg_macwesWJoGFGuYDxdiWh…

You’ll find the results for each poll question, addressing some of the confusions/questions you had and at the end what my future plans concerning BOM/appliers will be.

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