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Izzie’s is offering a new skin, shape and a lip tint set for LAQ mesh heads at the current Uber round.

The Gracie skin and Gracie Lip Tint were made for LAQ Lulu but will also work for other mesh heads from LAQ. Since they are Omega appliers, they may also work for other mesh heads – please make sure to try a free DEMO to see if they work for you. Gracie comes in 8 skintones, each includes blonde, light, ginger, brown, dark brown and black brows as well as a no brows version. It comes with and without freckles on skin and 7 lipsticks and eyeshadows are included as well.

Please try free demos before purchasing, you can try them at Uber and also at Izzie’s mainstore.

Uber Preview

Gracie Skin (LAQ/Omega)

LAQ Lulu Bento Shape

Gracie Lip Tint (LAQ/Omega)

Visit Uber

Off-Sim Shopping

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Free Dirt Updates

Izzie’s Dirt and Mud appliers now include Omega head appliers (will work for LOGO Bento heads – will NOT work for older LOGO heads!). If you already bought the previous sets, just go to Izzie’s mainstore and get the free update (free until September 17th).

Free Dirt Update

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

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Izzie’s released skin appliers for the TD Alice Bento mesh head including body appliers for TD bodies, 5 eyebrow options, freckles and blush options. Abby comes in 7 skintones, a full set is available as well. Please try a free DEMO before purchasing to make sure they will work for your head/skin!

TD Abby Skin

Additionally Izzie’s released Freckles & Blush, Body Freckles, Tears & Sad Eyes, Yonder Eyes, Mouth Mess, Scraped Knees and a free Snotty Nose gift for ToddleeDoo avatars! All except the skin and Body Freckles include Omega appliers as well. Omega Body Freckles have been released already – find them here.

TD & Omega Freckles & Blush

TD Body Freckles

TD & Omega Tears & Sad Eyes

TD & Omega Yonder Eyes

TD & Omega Snotty Nose (Gift)

TD & Omega Mouth Mess

TD & Omega Scraped Knees

Please try a free DEMO before purchasing to make sure they will work for your head/body/skin!

The skin is only available at Izzie’s mainstore, the additional makeup sets are available at the mainstore and on MP as well.

Visit Izzie’s Mainstore

Visit Izzie’s Marketplace Store


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