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Izzie’s released Eyelid Changer Monolid appliers and Freckles & Heart Mole appliers for LAQ/Omega mesh heads at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. The monolid Eyelid Changer includes 15 shades for light – dark skintones and comes with natural eyelid version, with eyeliner version and with eye make-up version. The Freckles & Heart Mole set includes a freckles only option, heart moles on left or right cheek (without freckles) and a freckles and left or right mole combined. Omega appliers as well as BakesOnMesh system tattoo layers are included. To make sure they will work for you please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

You’ll find the sets in front of Izzie’s mainstore near the FLF Event sign:

Eyelid Changer monolid (LAQ Omega) for FLF

Freckles & Heart Mole (LAQ Omega) for FLF

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Izzie’s released 3 Eyelid Changer sets for LeLutka heads at Izzie’s mainstore and on Marketplace. The eyelid changers were made to change the look of your avatar’s eyes (for example if you are unhappy with your skin’s eyelids or just want to look different). You can choose from medium crease, small crease and monolid. Each set includes 11 shades for light – dark skintones, natural eyelid version, with eyeshadow version and with eyeliner version. To make sure they will work for you please try a free DEMO before purchasing!

LeLutka Eyelid Changer Small Crease

LeLutka Eyelid Changer Monolid

LeLutka Eyelid Changer Medium Crease

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Izzie’s is participating Blush, offering an Eye Blush Make-Up Set for Catwa, LeLutka and LAQ/Omega mesh heads.

The set includes under eye blush, full eye blush, eye blush & liner, eye blush & monolid in 2 shades and eye blush & monolid & liner in 2 shades. All comes in 2 colors.

Please try a free DEMO before purchasing! You’ll also find a demo at Izzie’s mainstore! 

Eye Blush Make-Up Set (soon @ Blush)

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