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Izzie’s s released a set of Twinnie Jeggings Appliers at the mainstore and on Marketplace. The jeggings will work perfectly in combination with any kind mesh boots and sweaters/jackets – no more poking through! The set includes applier Huds for Slink (underwear & clothing layers), Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies – no system layers included (this is a remake of my Skinny Jeans for system avatars – you’ll find them on MP and at the mainstore).

Twinnie Jeggings Appliers

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Izzie’s s offering a skin applier for Akeruka heads as Autumn Gift at the mainstore. Bree comes in pale skintone, with freckles on skin, 2 eyebrow colors (on skin), 2 extra eyeshadow and lipstick options. You’ll find it at the desk near the entrance (there you’ll also find the Halloween and VIP Group Gift).

AK Applier Skin (Bree Autumn Gift)

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Izzie’s released a new Catwa applier skin, Brooke, in 11 skintones and a set of Closed Eyes for Catwa Heads (closed eyes are already included with the skin, but also sold separately in a modified version to make sure they work for other skins as well).

Each skintone includes blonde, light, ginger, brown, dark, black brows and a no brows option (on skin), freckles (on skin), 6 lipsticks and 6 eyeshadows, closed eyes option, blush, moles, blush & moles combo.

The Closed Eyes appliers were made to hide eyeliners, painted-on lashes and other imperfections when you close your Catwa eyes. They come in 15 shades and will work for a variety of skintones. To make sure they work for your head and skin, please try a demo before purchasing at Izzie’s mainstore or on Marketplace! (the skin is only available inworld)

Brooke Skin (for Catwa Heads) Preview

Catwa Applier Skin (Brooke)

Closed Eyes Appliers (Catwa)

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