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Izzie’s is offering new and exclusive items at the Summer of Love (SOL) Fair! The Love Tees and Grunge Jeans are only available at the Summer of Love Venue.

You’ll also get a free swimsuit at the fair (you’ll find it at the information point for seasonal affective disorder):

Visit the Summer of Love Fair!

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Izzie’s is participating the Addiction Hunt! Seach for the injection needle hidden inside my mainstore and you’ll get a Bow Waist Belt in 5 colors for free!

Visit Izzie’s mainstore inworld

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Izzie’s released 4 sets of Model Poses today! Each set includes 10 poses which are also available separately. You’ll find the poses through the entrance of Izzie’s mainstore on the upper right corner.

Furthermore Izzie’s is participating the Thirsty Thursdays this week. Especially for this event i created a beach ball with 17 built-in poses. You’ll get them only today for a special price of L$ 99:

Visit Izzie’s mainstore inworld

Visit Izzie’s on XstreetSL

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